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Many people and organizations strive to keep the Poudre River healthy and free from dams. Also on this page are groups concerned about "fracking" (underground fracturing of rock to obtain minerals such as oil and gas) and other potential threats to ground and river waters.

UniverCity Connections

The River Protection, Development and Enhancement Task Group, by providing a concise set of objectives and solutions, aims to create a unique downtown river setting that enhances the natural river environment, increases pedestrian access and recreation, protects historic resources, improves the CSU/Downtown connection, and capitalizes on opportunities for development that is sensitive to the river environment.

NRCS National Water and Climate Center

This form allows one to see basin outlook reports. By entering Colorado and the relevant month and year it is possible to read reports about the basins in Colorado, including the South Platte Basin which the Cache la Poudre is part of.

Save the Poudre: Poudre Waterkeeper

"Our ultimate goal is to restore the Cache la Poudre River to a healthy and vibrant condition."

Poudre Valley River Trust

This website, created for a class by college students, uses archival sources to explore how recreational development along the river has impacted surrounding areas.

Friends of the Poudre

A non-profit organization interested in keeping the Poudre River a free-flow river, without dam projects or water diversions.

Cache la Poudre River Initiative Threats, Opportunities, and Recommended Action Plan Dec 2011

Prepared by The City Of Fort Collins Natural Resource Advisory Board and submitted to the Fort Collins City Council, this document was created to provide information to the City Council about the Poudre River and make recommendations on future care of the river.

Rocky Mountain Sierra Club - Poudre Canyon Group

The Poudre Canyon Group of the Rocky Mountain Sierra Club addresses issues regarding the environment, including the Cache la Poudre River. They state that they have "led the public education campaign to inform Coloradoans about the environmental impacts of fracking for oil and gas."

Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Rocky Mountain Flycasters is a local chapter of the national Trout Unlimited that is currently involved in educational, community outreach, and restoration projects including cleaning up portions of the Poudre River.

Cache la Poudre Group - GORP

Information on the river and river-related activities

Colorado Water Conservation Board

The Colorado Water Conservation Board addresses water concerns across the state. A quick search with "poudre" as the keyword will lead to a variety of pdfs as well as links to information specifically regarding the Poudre River and Fort Collins

Environment Colorado

General information about environmental concerns in Colorado - both Poudre related and not

Cache la Poudre River, National Wild and Scenic Rivers System

The Cache la Poudre as a site of recreation, as well as statistics about the river and its scenery

Caring for our Watersheds

This website includes a brief history of and statistics for the Cache la Poudre River Watershed.

EPA Colorado Water Standards

Water standards for Colorado, including the Cache la Poudre River
Healthy Watersheds: Developing Integrated Assessments
Colorado Drinking Water

Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area

The Cache la Poudre was the first national heritage area west of the Mississippi River; information about the heritage site and the Poudre Heritage Alliance can be found here

Poudre River Trust

Poudre River Trust mission statement: "Promoting and enhancing the Cache la Poudre River as our most significant natural resource. The Poudre River Trust will focus on preserving the integrity of our riverfront as it passes through the City of Fort Collins, with special attention given to issues which may arise up and downstream which affect our primary interest.
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