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Municipalities, such as the City of Fort Collins, the City of Greeley, and the Town of Windsor, use the Poudre as a major source of drinking water as well as for city irrigation. Industries, such as the Northern Colorado beer industry, use Poudre River water to create and market their products. See below for information on how the river is used by these organizations.


Fort Collins

Utilities Fort Collins

How water is used in and by the City of Fort Collins as a source of drinking water. Also here: water quality, treatment, and projects.

City of Fort Collins: Poudre River Stormwater Drainage and Flood History

2015 Water Quality Report

City of Fort Collins Utilities report

2013 Drinking Water Quality Report

City of Fort Collins Utilities report

2011 Drinking Water Quality Report

City of Fort Collins Utilities report

Natural Areas Management Plan

Cache la Poudre River Natural Areas Management Update, 2011

New Belgium water usage

Some basic statistics on New Belgium Brewery's water usage from the Poudre River


City of Greeley Water and Sewer

City of Greeley Four Point Plan

Final independent external peer review report, Cache la Poudres at Greeley, Colorado, general investigation feasibility study

Study to determine and evaluate alternatives related to flood risk management (FRM) and ecosystem restoration (ER) within the Cache la Poudre River near Greeley, Colorado


Town of Windsor Water/Sewer Divisions

Information on Windsor's water services

Town of Windsor, 2015 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report for Calendar Year 2014


East Larimer County Water District

East Larimer County Water District (ELCO) provides drinking water to homes and businesses located north and east of Fort Collins, Colorado. A court decree on January 15, 1962, created ELCO after voters in Larimer and Weld Counties approved its formation.
2014 Water Quality Report

North Weld County Water District

North Weld County Water District provides drinking water to homes, businesses, agricultural and livestock operations in the area north of Greeley, east of Fort Collins, south of Nunn and west of the Gill/Galeton area. The District was created in 1962 and began selling and installing taps around 1965 once infrastructure was in place.
2014 Water Quality Report

Fort Collins-Loveland Water District

The Fort Collins – Loveland Water District was created by court decree on July 6, 1961 after a vote of the original property owners (tap holders) to organize and elect the Board of Directors. The FCLWD was organized for the purpose of providing domestic water service to homes and businesses within its boundaries.

Other Districts

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

Northern and its Municipal Subdistrict provide water to Northeastern Colorado from the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap projects

Central Colorado Water Conservancy District

CCWCD and its Groundwater Management Subdistrict (GMS) and Well Augmentation Subdistrict (WAS) operate two augmentation plans
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