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The Cache la Poudre River is a major recreational locus for the surrounding Northern Colorado area. Fishing, swimming, rafting, and boating all take place on the river, and many rely on river conditions, supplied by links below. If you are interested in commercial companies who specialize in activities on the Poudre, some of those can also be found in the links below.

Colorado River Outfitters Association

An association of guided rafting companies on the Poudre River, with links to Rocky Mountain Adventures and A Wanderlust Adventure

Poudre Rock Report

Updates on river streamflows in relation to boating the river

American Whitewater

This site has information on all Colorado rivers regarding their whitewater rapids. Scroll down to the section on Cache la Poudre to look at each individual section, click on the links to find out information about the difficulty and length of various rapids. Use this as a guide to decide if you have skill enough to make it down a particular section of the river.

Poudre River Whitewater Park

Learn about the proposed whitewater park on the Poudre River and keep up with its development.

Cache la Poudre Scenic Byway

The Cache la Poudre Scenic Byway is a 101 mile stretch of road that largely runs along the river. Many trailheads and, for the winter, cross country ski trails and snowmobiling roads are accessible via this scenic route.

Northern Colorado Hiking Trails

Brief descriptions of a variety of trails in the Poudre River Canyon, and Poudre Watershed.

Poudre Trail, City of Fort Collins

Map and description for Poudre Trail, which follows the river through Fort Collins, and the city's other trails for walking, jogging, and biking.

Poudre River Trail Corridor

The Poudre River Trail Corridor is a paved trail that runs 21 miles along the river from Greeley to Windsor on the Colorado plains.

National Wild and Scenic Rivers System - Cache la Poudre

Information regarding the designation of the Poudre as a Wild and Scenic River and includes ideas of what recreational possibilities are available on and around the river.

Cache la Poudre Wilderness, through the University of Montana, gives brief but useful information regarding the Poudre wilderness and steps to take to make your trip a pleasant one that keeps the area pristine for other visitors as well.

Larimer County Open Space

Larimer County's Lions' Open Space, along the banks of the Poudre, offers day-use outdoor sites free of cost.

Poudre River Resort

This company provides accommodations near the river as well as nearby recreational activities.

Cache la Poudre River and Poudre Lake

The Cache la Poudre river starts at Poudre Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, near the Continental Divide, flows down through Fort Collins and on into Greeley. The Poudre River Trail follows the river for 11 miles through the national park where it changes to trail 944 finally becoming the Big South Trail.

Cache la Poudre Fly Fishing reports and conditions

River conditions and data related to fly fishing on the river.
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