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Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet System for Cache la Poudre River

The links contained on this page give information regarding measured water at Canyon Mouth, CO including the past five days values as well as water year values and total discharge.

Colorado Division of Water - Surface Conditions

The Colorado Division of Water administers water rights and interstate compact agreements.

Water Colorado List of Ditches

Water Colorado has collected contact data relating to ditch companies in the state of Colorado, listed here.

National Weather Service Hydraulic Prediction Service, Cache la Poudre River

Data, given in graph form, relating to river water levels including updates when flooding is a threat.

CSU Extension Drought Resources

The CSU Extension is an outreach to northern Colorado communities, bringing together the research and data collected by the university and the communities around the university. The Drought Resources page gives community members information on collected data as well as how to deal with drought in their own homes and communities.

USGS Cache la Poudre River Current Conditions

Discharge data with customization search

USGS Current Water Conditions

USGS Water Data for Colorado

Poudre Rock Report

Poudre River Streamflows and Happenings

Colorado Department of Water Resources, Water Rights

Water Rights provides detailed water rights information for water structures such as ditch diversions, reservoirs, and wells.
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