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A variety of maps delineating watersheds, National Heritage Area, etc., giving visual perspectives on the river and its surrounding areas

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More Maps

USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer

Go to the location you want to explore, then click on a place to see its historical maps. Click timeline maps to view in main window.

CSU Archives and Special Collections

Keyword search for Poudre-related maps in CSU's digital database.
* Be sure to view the Larimer County District Court Map Collection
Contains maps of North Poudre Irrigation Company structures, other canal and ditch company maps, proposed reservoir maps

Geospatial Centroid

CSU center provides access to GIS maps, software, data, etc. Developed Cache la Poudre Watershed interactive GIS map.


Fort Collins map with GIS layering capabilities. Layers include rain gauge and floodplain locations.

Greeley GIS Maps

ORIGIN GIS maps for city, including a water budget map. 6 Poudre Flood Panels (downloadable PDFs) appear at bottom of page.
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